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"I love Cosima’s fascination with the world - and the conflict between her high intelligence and her naivete. Her speed of thought can be a challenge, especially when we’re shooting at 3am.”
- Tatiana Maslany on Cosima Niehaus


"I have this stupid rule that’s really an excuse to burn money, which is: if I ever see a book which I think that I might never see again, or if I’m suddenly interested in it, and I think “Oh well, I might never ever see this book again and be interested in it at the same time,” I just have to buy it then and there in the hope that one day I will get around to it or find something useful about it. I have bought a lot of books that I will never read that way."  Daniel Radcliffe for Mental Floss

UWaterloo Welcome Week Carnival was the bomb diggity!


Malcolm Liepke — Hat Cigarette (x)